How Tech And Blockchain Innovators Can Come Together To Survive The Coronavirus

The world has still not recovered from the wrath of coronavirus. The pandemic has badly struck most of the nations, and many are still struggling to come out of the grip of the second wave of the pandemic. While the medical and healthcare professionals have left no stone unturned to help the people in need, technology is playing its part well. In this blog, we are going to highlight how Blockchain professional and Blockchain technology is going to make a difference.

Trust is the new gold

You must be wondering what has a trust to do with Blockchain and medical facilities. Well, let’s take you back to the year when the world got to know about the internet. Since the time the world got to know about the internet, it had its share of supporters and the ones who were in opposition. But over a period of time, we have seen growing dependence on internet technology. Digitization is the new way of gaining a competitive edge, and many companies are now turning their way to digital platforms, but as we see the growing dependence on digital platforms, there is also a growing cause of data breach and threat.

Hence, there is a need for an alternative platform that can offer trust in the system. Customers lack trust in the conventional platform. Increasing data breach cases and data theft have led to the rising demand for a transparent and trusted platform for data exchange. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that offers trust in the system.

This can be eventually useful for the medical and healthcare system. One of the key drawbacks of the conventional system is the rise in the number of counterfeit drugs and the poor tracing system. Today, when we have the vaccine for coronavirus, we also need a system that can guarantee timely distribution of the vaccines to the healthcare centres.

Also, many places are witnessing a lack of required medicines at the hospitals. This is primarily because of the poor supply chain management. With the help of Blockchain technology, we can create a strong platform that will allow easy tracking of data and information. Once the information about the medicine or vaccine is uploaded on the system, tracking it becomes easier.

Successful integration of Blockchain technology across the different industrial verticals shows that this technology is going to be the future. And those who are willing to make a good start to their career should also have expertise in Blockchain technology.

What’s next?

Blockchain is the future, and it also holds good prospects for growth. The Blockchain Council is providing the right learning platform for the freshers as well as the professionals. If you also want to learn about the core concepts of Blockchain technology and its application, this is the right time to enrol for the Blockchain certification program.

We are in dire need to have a system that is a transparent, safe and secured system that can allow easy tracking and tracing of data, and Blockchain is the solution for it.




Block Chain expert

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Smita Verma

Smita Verma

Block Chain expert

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